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KYT NFR Axel Bassani Helmet

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KYT NFR Axel Bassani Helmet, the full face helmet racing by Kyt in thermoplastic with ADT-Advanced technology; the forms have been deeply studied in wind tunnel to reach the best aerodynamic performance. The Interior has been optimized to offer the best performance in terms of comfort and flow of moisture inside the helmet. NF-R is designed and developed to achieve the best performance in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort without forgetting the stylistic appearance. The collaboration with aeronautical engineers, the use of innovative software and the use of wind tunnels have created this innovative helmet. The NF-R offers important and advanced technical solutions.



Shell produced in ADT-advanced, a mix of thermoplastic resins with high resistance to crashes. NF-R shell is produced in two sizes: M and L.


Internal polystyrene liner realized in two sizes (M and L) to obtain a better ergonomics and a variable density. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the energy produced by the impact.


The visor of NF-R is PC injected, antiscratch, optic in class 1 with variable thickness. The hooks and rotation system allows the visor removal without tools.


Internal Polystyrene liner was studied to work in symbiosis with the air intake on the external shell. Particular channelings, obtained on polystyrene, allow to air flow intake an optimal ventilation into the helmet and a quickly exhaust of the hot air.


The cheek pads and the internal comfort shell can be removed, washed and replaced. They are made of precious bielastic fabric with specific fibers coupled with sponges with open cells for the best air flow in order to keep fresh and dry.


The retention system is equipped of micrometric buckle.


NF-R is ready with PINLOCK Max Vision lens included.

Helmet Specifications
TypeFullface (double visor)
Standardchuẩn DOTchuẩn ece 22.05
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KYT NFR Axel Bassani Helmet

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