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Fullface LS2 FF800 Storm Nerve - Dual Visor Helmet
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LS2 FF800 Storm Nerve

  • Brand: LS2 Helmets
  • Product Code: ls2 ff800 nerve
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 2,900,000đ
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LS2 FF800 Storm Nerve - Fullface Helmet with double visors

FF800 Storm Nerve from LS2 is a brand new helmet for 2020 with fantastic features, created with a cool combination of technology and innovation.

Made from LS2’s own KPA shell, a unique blend of polycarbonate, thermoplastic and additional materials specifically formulated by LS2. Incredibly lightweight yet durable and shock-absorbing, designed to be both aerodynamic and stable even in windy conditions.

The visor is built with a 3D optically correct “A-Class” polycarbonate, which avoids distortion, provides maximum clarity and also has high impact resistance.

LS2 helmets have dynamic flow ventilation. Fully adjustable air intakes and ventilated EPS work together with the rear spoilers and exhaust port to create a constant, light air flow that helps keep you cool and comfortable.

LS2 FF800 Storm Faster features:

  • LS2 exclusive KPA Shell (combination of polycarbonate, thermoplastic and other fibers)
  • Multi-Density EPS inner shell
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Top Vent
  • Chin Vent
  • Exhaust Port on the back of the head
  • Removable & washable, breathable hypoallergenic laser-cut foam
  • Chin curtain
  • Integrated Sun Visor
  • Scratchproof, UV resistant visor
  • Reinforced Chin Strap
  • Reflective Safety Patch

LS2 FF800 Storm Faster specifications:

  • ECE 22:05
  • Steel Quick Release Buckle
  • Prepared for Pinlock
  • Weight: approx. 1350g ± 50g

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