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FREESHIP Pinlock ProtecTINT for AGV Pista GP R - Corsa R

How to use

Miếng Lens Pinlock gắn trong kính giúp tầm nhìn của người đội nón rõ hơn, chống đọng sương khi dùng lâu và các điều kiện thời tiết gây cản trở tầm nhìn khác

Pinlock ProtecTINT 100% Max Vision for HJC RPHA 11

Only available at

- Tai Dat Store in Tan Binh Dist. (66 Yen The, Ward 2 Tan Binh Dist. Ho Chi Minh City )

Pinlock ProtecTINT fog resistant insert lenses for HJC helmets reacts to UV light by changing its tint color from clear to light smoke in a matter of seconds while keeping your helmet face shield fog-free.

Specs Pinlock ProtecTINT 100% Max Vision

  • Double shield system created by a silicon seal
  • Dry hydrofilic technology
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Adapts to UV light conditions. It changes from clear to light smoke. Suitable for all weather riders
  • 100% Max Vision® technology provides a clear view throughout the complete eye port of the shield

The Pinlock 70 is our premium fog resistant solution for riders. Enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties, the insert lens has extended fog resistant endurance which helps riders see better through challenging weather conditions.
The Pinlock 70 creates a double shield system through a silicon seal between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens, which makes up a double glass type of solution that prevents fogging. The insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and therefore, the surface basically dry when used.
This air-tight pocket ensures that the difference in temperature becomes significantly lowered. The Pinlock insert absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility.


From clear to dark smoke in a matter of seconds.The Pinlock ProtecTINT insert lens react to uv light by darkening its tint colour automatically while keeping your helmet face shield fog free at the same time.

100% Max Vision

The Pinlock 100% Max Vision insert lenses maximizes fog resistant coverage within the helmet face shield via a custom designed cavity area that enables the lens to fit perfectly. Pinlock 100% Max Vision insert lenses are also offered in colored versions.


Pinlock ProtecTINT insert lens is compatible with the list of helmets below:


Compact / K3 SV / K5 / Strada


Fits all GT Pinlock prepared shields.

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Pinlock ProtecTINT 100% Max Vision for HJC RPHA 11

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