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Out Of Stock Komine JK 143 R-SPEC Mesh Jacket

Komine JK 143 R-SPEC Mesh Jacket


"R-spec" high-end mesh jacket that incorporates the functionality of a racing suit, including a neck design that reduces the burden on the neck and cut-off cuffs that do not hinder wrist movement.

While maintaining a tight finish, the telescopic mechanism of each part ensures outstanding mobility. Reflectors that connect from the chest to the sides and back improve night visibility from the side when riding.

Komine JK 143 jacket features:

  • Textile and mesh combination jacket.
  • Pants connection zipper (can be connected with PK ・ 738, PK ・ 745, PK ・ 746).
  • Tight R ・ Spec (Racing) fit yet stretch panels at the shoulders and back provide a comfort fit and better movement.
  • Same neck and cuff style as S ・ 52 suitable for riding form.
  • Hard type chest protector.
  • Reflective panels for night safety on chest, upper arms and back.
  • Volume adjusters on upper arms, bottom.

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Komine JK 143 R-SPEC Mesh Jacket

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