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In stock TMR HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus Motorcycle Helmet

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Cách đo size nón 3/4 fullface

Dịch vụ giặt mũ fullface, vệ sinh nón 3/4

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HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus

  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Product Code: HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus
  • Availability: In stock TMR
  • 13,100,000đ

HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus Motorcycle Helmet

HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus Helmet are part of the latest HJC collection.

The RPHA 70 is a truly ingenious combination of a superlight race helmet (RPHA 11) with a fully prepared, comfort-orientated touring helmet. The shell and associated componentry has been engineered to enable the helmet to be equipped with an internal sun visor, while weighing the same as the track-focused RPHA 11! Sharing the same large aperture, lockable, anti-fog equipped, quick release visor as its racing stable mate, the RPHA 70 Carbon Hydrus offers tremendous, confidence-inspiring visibility. The result is an unparalleled combination of comfort and practicality, which has to be tried to be believed.

Key Features of HJC RPHA 70 Helmet:

  • Lightweight Multi-Composite Shell Construction
  • Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Coated Internal Sun Visor
  • Multi-Point Ventilation System with New Lower Vent
  • Double D-Ring Fastening
  • Multicool Interior with Emergency Release System


- This helmet comes with a clear visor fitted as standard.

- Tinted visors are NOT suitable for public road use, they are designed for track use only.

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