Alpinestars C-1 Windstopper Gloves
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Alpinestars C-1 Windstopper Gloves

  • Brand: Alpinestars Brand
  • Product Code: Alpinestars C-1 Windstopper
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • 2,100,000đ
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Alpinestars C-1 Windstopper Gloves

Only available at
- District 5 (297 Hong Bang - click to view map)
- District Tan Binh (66 Yen The - click to view map)

Short cuff city commuting glove, constructed using Gore‐Tex Windstopper® outshell fabric combined with hard knuckle protection. Leather palm construction keeps hands protected from the asphalt giving this glove excellent comfortable performance in wet and chilly conditions with ample riding protection. Pre curved construction.



• Lightweight, windproof, and water resistant city riding glove constructed from a GORE-TEX® Windstopper® main shell for effective insulation.

•• Incorporates full‐grain leather palm reinforcements on palm and thumb.


• Over-molded hard knuckle protection provides excellent and abrasion and impact resistance; the protector is subtly incorporated under main shell for styling.


• Knitted wrist cuff for comfort, snug fit and flexibility.

• Touch-screen compatible fingertip on index finger for use with GPS systems of smartphones.

• Textile puller located on cuff for easy on and off.

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